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This is the correct word I use to describe my career.

It is so challenging to define myself, because we are all unlimited from within, in our essence. "Essences" is also another word I use a lot to describe my mission and purpose, connected to the Flow!

My search for self-awareness, awakening and enlightenment was always the key element in my life. Since I was 15 years old, I knew I needed to get deeper in life. So, I started to practice different kinds of philosophical theories, and then I found what I called Higher Self or the Real Self. Those paths let me to a really more opened and cosmic vision about us all.


I understood we were all ONE and yes, there´s no division in between us, on Earth. All the divisions were created by the ego, by mankind, to separate each other. The division is an illusion and all separations have no meaning.










Just like in the photo, I feel I am more out of the box, out of the matrix, beyond the normal, out of the social dictation, pretty much because I believe that those dictations are totally broken, under so much suffering, in terms of consciousness and inequality. 

Being a monk and an executive, in harmony, is a rare condition. I feel like that.  

I started the unveiling of my heart when I started the questioning about my purposes and missions when I started to purify my fears and anxieties. 


I´ve been through a lot, in Southern Brazil and in Los Angeles/CA. I was born and raised in a medium class family, based by professors. My parents always gave me an amazing education, but we always had financial problems and emotional disorders because of that social condition. It wasn´t their fault at all, but the financial system and the way our world is nowadays. I understood that many problems came from a broken political and financial situation, the same happening in many different families.


When the more I develop myself, the more I understand people are my mirrors, for the good or for the bad, in a high or low perspective. I never judge people around me anymore, because we are in the same human condition. 

​If I can add more value to your life, for somehow, by helping you to get out of your conflicts using the power of harmony, inner peace, forgiveness, love, compassion, kindness, I would be really happy in my heart because I was fulfilling my life mission. 

I needed to do a research in many areas such as: Yoga, Meditation, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Law, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Economy, Coaching, Education, Music, Literature, Diplomacy, Language Learning, Leadership, Neuroscience, High Performance, Graphic Design.  

I understood that yoga and meditation were a great path for me to find The Truth and reconnect with my essence. Also, I understood that this was my perspective, so, I respected all peoples´s perspectives, by focusing on universal laws and human rights. 

By the age of 29, I´ve got enlightened about my missions, purposes, and inner connection. I started to change all my perspective about humanity, life, and love. In the state of ahimsa, I started to seek for another dimension, while I was living on Earth. That conquering of my ego, let me perceive another possibility of awakening and self-understanding. I understood my heart set, I opened my heart from within, I started to solve my inner problems and social interactions. 

I needed to reset many lessons about money, work, success, financial freedom and so forth. I never complained at all, but I always stayed in gratitude for everything in life.  

Because of my past, I had a great opportunity to become a true master. I was trained in a war of life. I was going through tough challenges! Considering all the problems I had, I needed to understand the lesson behind. 

After I went through rejection, bullying (school and university), depression (because of my mother loss), anxiety and burnout (because of my financial and professional situation), I started to write books, in order to understand and apply all life lessons, in inner wisdom.  After all, I decided to help other people to get out of that level of negativity by creating a new education system called ystology - a technology of consciousness


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